3rd EU Aeronautics

18 October 2017 13h30 - 18h00 European Parliament, Brussels Download Sky & Space Intergroup Report





The 3rd European Aeronautics Conference has been a great success, gathering more than 300 participants!

Key issues and proposals were discussed amongst high-level Aeronautical industry stakeholders and research centres and high-level decision-makers from the EU Institutions including the Parliament, the Commission and the Council and EU Agencies.

All the materials from the conference is available on the following page http://aeronautics2017.eu/materials/


The European Aeronautics Sector facing growing challenges:
How to drive innovation and competitiveness?


The annual conference, initiated by the European Parliament’s Sky and Space Intergroup (SSI) with the support of ASD (the AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe), provides an important opportunity for industrial stakeholders, labour unions, research centres and organisations from different sectors to exchange views and knowledge with high-level decision-makers from the Parliament, the Commission and the Council. In its third edition, the conference will deal in plenary and working group sessions with challenges and opportunities such as the next European Framework Programme for Research & Innovation (R&I), the international competitiveness and level playing field, efforts aimed at a sustainable industry and greener aviation and the role of digitization in building Europe’s intelligent air transport system. The aim of the conference is to produce tangible working results aiming to inspire future political initiatives at EU level.